Best Ghost Hunting Equipment Reviews

Looking to get started on your Ghost Hunting Adventures? Congratulation, you are in for a great time! But first, you are going to need the right Ghost Hunting Kit. Selecting the right Ghost Hunting equipment can be challenging. However, we are here to help. We have recommended 2 sets of Ghost Hunting Kits for 2 different budgets, Hobbyist and the Pro. We know that you can find many ghost hunting kits that are already assembled for you on Amazon, but we think there is better value to be had by assembling your own Ghost Hunting Kit. Read on to pick the right Kit for you, and make sure to check out our reviews for all the products individually.

Paranormal Pro is dedicated to seeking out the best ghost hunting equipment and resources, for the best possible prices. We don’t make our own ghost hunting equipment, we only review the top tier out on the market, with a mind focused on getting you exactly what you’ll need for all your paranormal investigating needs. With some strategic planning and purchases, you can be as ready to confront the paranormal and supernatural as any of the teams you’ve seen on TV. Organized, categorized, and reviewed, every tool needed to detect ghosts and the paranormal is at your fingertips. Rest easy, you can trust our ghost hunting equipment reviews since we don’t actually sell any of our own products!


Hobbyist Starter Kit

In this kit, we focus on the budget conscious amateurs who want to try out ghost hunting (or go for a spooky adventure). Perfect for group night outs. Just make sure you are not trespassing.

Editors Note: Amazon is offering a great package deal on the KII EMF Meter and SB& Spirit Box. Check it out here.

Equipment TypeRecommendationReviewPrice
Review for HD IR Camera
Review For the KII EMF Meter Here
EVPOlympus EVP Review Here


Paranormal Pro Kit

This is the real deal here. The best of the best. The top of the line equipment. The FLIR camera is an amazing piece of technology and we have enjoyed great successes with it.

FLIR E5 Review
EMF Meter
Trifield EMF Review
EVP Recorder
ZOOM H4n Review


That is the very basic ghost hunting equipment you need for an exciting ghost hunt. However, we would also recommend checking out our article on motion pods,ghost boxes and ambient thermometers for a well rounded kit.