5 Most Haunted Sites in Houston

5 Most Haunted sites in Houston to find ghosts

Looking to get started in a thrilling new hobby that allows you to explore interesting, spooky places in Houston? Ghost hunting is a great way to get together with friends, learn about science and spirituality and perhaps encounter something that may challenge your conceptions about reality itself.  Here we list some tips to get you started

  • Identify an area with a lot of history and orient yourself with it during the day, and please do not trespass. We list the most promising sites below
  • Bring your ID, plenty of water and the right equipment (and plenty of Batteries) for your flashlight.
  • Go with an open mind, you may not experience an encounter on your first trip, but you can maximize your odds by properly using the equipment and staying alert

What To bring: 

Check out our reviews for ghost hunting equipment that fits the hobbyist’s budget. They are all available on Amazon and will be at your doorstep in no time. We have listed the essentials in a table down below. Note: We do not sell our own equipment, so we are an unbiased review source.

If you want to learn more about ghost hunting equipment, read our articles on Spirit BoxesEMF Detectors and EVPs.

Equipment TypeRecommendationReviewPrice
Review for HD IR Camera
Review For the KII EMF Meter Here
EVPOlympus EVP Review Here

But onto the main event! We recommend the following 5 sites for first time ghost hunters.

  1. 2309 Witchita –   This impressive house is said to be haunted by its initial owner, Charles Fandow and many people have reported finding apparitions of a ghostly figure on the grounds at night, accompanies by inexplicable sounds. Make sure you have your EVP handy.
  2. Patterson Road – A site with which we have had personal experience, this creepy road off Eldridge Parkway is known for its many car crashes so drive carefully. Many think that these car crashes are due to people speeding to try and get out of this dark and lonesome road, but many think that this road, and the bridge in particular, are haunted by the ghosts of confederate soldiers. We switched off our engines on the bridge (please be careful as the road is very dark) and started to hear tapping on the windows, as if people were marching by.
  3. Jefferson Davis Hospital/Elder Artists Street Lofts – This hospital was said to be haunted by deceased patients, and now the lofts that have been built in the area are now experiencing the same hauntings. Go at your own risk.
  4. Kings Gate Village – One of the saddest back stories in the list, there was a girl who was killed by her boyfriend when she found him cheating on her, and is now said to haunt the apartments and public areas of this town.
  5.  Martha Chapel Cemetery  –  We have saved the best for last. Although this is a bit of a drive up north, if you want to have the highest chance of a paranormal encounter, this is the place. Many possessions are said to occur on ‘Demon’s Road’ while driving up to the cemetery, and staff who work there frequently here screams or giggles as tormented souls wander. Please be careful visiting and be respectful of the dead, as these spirits are know to be violent.

So get your ghost hunting camcorder out, round up your friends and head out into the city for a spooky adventure you will never forget.