Best EMF Detector- 2017

Best EMF Detector 2017–


Electro-magnetic field meters measure electro-magnetic field density and changes in the EM field. There are both single and tri-axis EMF meters, all varying in strength and types of fields detected (some, for instance, also detect radio waves). EMF Detecotrs should be used in conjunction with EVP detection technology and temperature meters for a full read of an ghost investigation environment. Without further delay, lets find the best EMF Detector for 2017


Trifield 100XE EMF Meter-


When choosing between EMF meters, you have the option of single axis meters and tri-axis meters. Single axis meters are a bit cheaper, but we here at Paranormal Pro Ghost Hunters believe a tri-axis may be worth the extra cost as, when utilizing the device to take measurements, you do not have to tilt and manipulate the device in order to get a full environmental measurement (as you do with the single-axis units).


If you’re experienced and ready to get the most accurate EMF measurements possible, Paranormal Pro highly recommends this tri-axis meter. Not only does it detect EM, but radio/microwaves as well. It’s handheld and simple to use and read, a blessing to have in the field. While you will need to provide a light source in order to view the meter (as it is not LED-lit like some these days), this is a high-quality meter, designed to detect harmful EM radiation of any kind, and is used by professionals in ghost hunting to realty and construction. Not many EMF Meters on the market come with such a powerful recommendation.



Mel 8704R Paranormal Ghost Hunting 3-in-1 Detection Tool 


While not as high-end as the Trifield, the Mel 8704R has a few advantages all its own, namely that it is not just an EMF meter. While we here at Paranormal Pro suggest having specialized equipment across the board for your paranormal investigations or ghost hunts, if you’re on the move and need to consolidate, something like the Mel 8704R comes in handy.


Not only is it an effective EMF meter, but the Mel can also detect changes in ambient temperature and includes a red-light LED display and light (so as not to interfere with an IR cameras or viewing equipment you may be utilizing). While we might still recommend the Trifield for serious inquiries or full-scale investigations, the Mel is a perfect device for home use, and can help you keep you and your family’s places clear of unnecessary energy buildup or malicious entities by detecting them early and often.


K2/KII EMF Meter

Another device originally designed for at-home use to detect leaking radiation or unnecessary energy clogs, the KII has translated perfectly to ghost hunting applications, as seen in its usage on popular ghost hunting TV shows and recommendations from professional and amateur hunters alike. Its price tag also makes it an attractive option, especially for those testing the waters of paranormal investigation. Its meter is clear, and lights up, allowing easy visualization of EM flux.


As we’ve stated before, it is best to use EMF in conjunction with EVP detection tools, and if you’re ready to purchase a K2 EMF Meter, we highly recommend a great deal we’ve found here. Getting both the K2 and the PSB7 Spirit Box together, at such a great discounted price, may be the best deal in the ghost hunting market right now. It is the perfect set-up for amateurs or those cash-strapped, as you can have the most important tools you need in the field come together at a low price. The K2 and PsB7 work especially well together, and many seasoned pros started out using this combination. Check out this great deal here!