Best EVP Recorder for Ghost Hunting – 2017

Best EVP recorder reviews for ghost hunting

EVP recorders are essential when going ghost hunting. In this article we review the best EVP recorders for ghost hunting and explain to you how to use them.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP recorders (also known as digital voice recorders) are a must to take with you on your ghost hunting trip. Not only are they a great way for you to record your own notes, but they also help you conduct interviews and of course, keep a record for any paranormal sounds you might here. Many times people think that they have heard paranormal activity and have no way to verify it. A high quality EVP recorder would be able to allow them to play it back and listen with greater detail.

Paranormal Pro tip: It is imperative to have a high quality evp recorder with you on your ghost hunting trip. If you bought a camcorder with you, don’t rely on the sound quality of the camcorder itself. The sound quality of in-built microphones are next to useless when trying to record EVP.


Paranormal Pro’s Choice: 

Zoom H4N Digital Multitrack Recorder – 2016 Version


The Zoom H4N is the best evp recorder we have tested and it is in our own ghost hunting kit. The sound quality in the 4 channels of this recorder is unparalleled and gives you great value for your money. The battery life is around 11 hours, but make sure you bring some extras with you, as there is weird electrical interference in many haunted places (you can check for electromagnetic anomalies by reading up on EMFs).

The best part about the H4N is that it is rugged and reliable. This is a microphone that we’ve taken on some pretty hairy encounters with the unknown, and it has survived EMF spikes, radiation spikes (get yourself a geiger counter if you can) and of course it has been dropped many times. Yet our Zoom has lasted us years. A great investment at a great price.

Price $250


Budget option:

Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder


If you are building a budget ghost hunting kit for your new hobby, make we suggest the Olympus DP 201. It comes in at less than half the price of the Zoom, but it gives a performance should suffice for our needs. We have found that this recorder doesn’t detect some of the higher frequencies like the zoom, but it does record most EVP that we have encountered. It doesn’t have as good a battery life as the zoom (our tests show 7-8 hours) and its not as durable. However, for a budget EVP recorder, you could do a lot worse that the DP 201.