Best Ghost Hunting Books – 2016

Best Ghost Hunting Books


Despite how prepared you may think you are, the ghost hunting world is a tricky one, full of dark corners and unexpected communions. Especially if you are an amateur ghost hunter, it is not a bad idea to arm yourself with a few books on the subject. Be advised, be knowledgeable, be safe out there.


Ghost Hunting for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started to Get Started, by Rich Newman –


Rich Newman is a professional ghost hunter, and his book for newbies is a perfect guide to the pursuit of the paranormal. From an overview of ghosts, spirits, and spectral phenomena, to different types of recommended tech, to how to responsibly run a ghost hunt, this is an invaluable tool to have at your deposal before you head out into the fray. One of our favorite features of this particular book is the tips it includes for forming a ghost hunting team. At Paranormal Pro, we recommend you always have a partner for your investigations, if not a full-fledged and trained squad, and this book offers some great qualities to look for in your ghost hunting companions. Also included are true ghost stories and ghost hunting experiences, to help give you an idea of what you might be getting into in this line of work.

Amazon, by Melissa Martin Ellis –


A bit more technical than Newman’s book, Ellis is also an esteemed ghost hunter, a member of the National Society for Paranormal Research, and a valuable guide on the paranormal side of the world. If you don’t know the difference between EMF and EVP, this is the book for you, as Ellis helpfully collects a glossary of all the ghost hunting terms you’re going to want to know in order to not embarrass yourself…or pick up a hitch-hiking poltergeist on accident. Ellis will help you determine whether you caught a real spectral anomaly on camera, or if that orb’s just a splotch on your lens you forgot to clean before heading out on the investigation. Paranormal Pro recommends this read, if not for you personally, then at least for any team members you recruit who may be less experienced or well-versed in the world of ghost hunting. This should be a prep book for anyone before they go on their first ghost hunt.


The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide: Protection Techniques for Encounters with the Paranormal, by Michelle Belanger –


Trained medium and ghost hunter Michelle Belanger has written an invaluable work in the Survivor’s Guide. Unfortunately for many, ghost hunting is often not treated with the proper amount of respect or preparation, and can have some unexpected consequences for the unprepared or skeptical. Belanger’s goal is to make sure no baggage is carried home for the spectral realm, with advice and instruction on how to perform cleansings, keep ghosts from attaching to you or your team members, protect yourself and your dreams from ghostly invaders, and, in a worst case scenario, how to deal with possession scenarios. Belanger includes real-life examples from her life as a medium, and explains in detail the psychology behind her techniques and the intent of malicious spirits. Ghost hunting is an incredibly fun and enlightening experience, but when dealing with the unknown, it is essential to be prepared. Belanger’s book will help you get to that point, and does so without subscribing to any one belief system or creed as the ultimate defense. In this way, Paranormal Pro can confidently name the Survival Guide as the ultimate ghost hunting preparation book.