Best Ghost Hunting Cameras – 2017

Best Ghost Hunting Cameras 2017

Pics or it didn’t happen.

That is unfortunately, the way the world works. Many skeptics need visual evidence to make them even consider talking about ghosts. And one of the most compelling and accessible ways to garner credibility and proof that you actually encountered paranormal beings is to record them on video. In the era of Photoshop, any one with half an hour and a laptop can create images of glowing orbs and whatnot. And while doctoring videos is obviously possible, it is much less common and at the very least will get you a TON of views on youtube. So here are our favourite, best cameras for ghost hunting updated for 2017.

1) FLIR E-5 Review 

The FLIR series of thermal cameras have been the cameras for serious ghost hunters for a number of years now. Ghost hunters frequently use thermal imaging to detect paranormal entities that are invisible to our eyes, but help explain the ‘chill’ that is often felt when encountering the paranormal. FLIR’s thermal imaging technology is second to none, and with a superb warranty of ten years, you can rest assured that your equipment is going to be protected from hazards from this world or otherwise.  And we aren’t the only people who rate the FLIR as the premier thermal imaging cameras. It is frequently used by police and firefighters and indeed, has been featured on the TV show, Ghost Hunters.

We recommend the FLIR E-5, the mid point device in their distinguished line up. There are more expensive models out there, and they are excellent. However, for a ghost hunting camera, we find that the FLIR E-5 is sufficient. The upgrades for the E-6 onwards are a greater sensitivity to the cold, and a higher resolution, which are handy upgrades for those who can afford it, but we think that the extra money should go towards other equipment, like a solid EVP recorder.

Thermal Image of a ghost
Thermal Imaging Ghost


What really sets the FLIR camera’s apart is the their patented MSX technology. Thermal scans are notoriously blurry, and ghost hunters with overactive imaginations may get carried away by seeing blobs of heat. However, the MSX technology greatly sharpens the thermal images allowing you to distinguish heat sources much more easily.

MSX helps sharpen thermal images
MSX helps sharpen thermal images

If you do invest in the FLIR, make sure you get a good DVR system to record all your footage. Many times after returning from a ghost hunt we are dejected as we didn’t notice any paranormal activity. However, after reviewing our DVR footage, we find strange images that we hadn’t discovered before. You can watch some of the thermal images of the paranormal in the video below.




2) HD Infrared Camcorder 


The FLIR, while brilliant, does have a stumbling block for the hobbyist, its price point. We get it, some of you are just wanting to try ghost hunting as an adventure, and we here at Paranormal Pros encourage ghost hunting as a hobby. Therefore, for the weekend ghost hunter, we recommend the Infra Red Camcorder from Cleveland Paranormal Supply.

Instead of using thermal imaging like the FLIR, this camcorder measures infrared light, which in undetectable to the naked eye.  The camcorder has the appropriate sensors to detect IR light, and even has a IR flashlight to illuminate the darkness. However, the manufacturer recommends an additional IR light attachment to supplement the inbuilt flashlight. We would go even further and say that it is a requirement, as while the inbuilt IR light is good enough for small rooms, when exploring halls, corridors or outdoor environments, we found the in built light to be lacking. And in our experience, we found most of our paranormal encounters to be in these open environments.

Infrared produces great results
The boy from Amityville

The camera shoots full HD 1080p video, and has an inbuilt optical stabilization feature, ideal for handheld shooting. However, we recommend using the 720p 60fps mode. On low light situations, we don’t think the extra resolution is that handy. However, in much of our footage, we have seen mysterious figures pop in and out of frames extremely quickly. By shooting in 60fps, you get more frames per second, allowing you to better investigate what exactly was that figure that disappeared in a flash.

To wrap up, we think that if you are serious about ghost hunting, you should get an FLIR E-5. However, if you just want to have an adventure with your friends, you can do a lot worse that the HD Infrared camcorder with an attached IR Flashlight. Oh and don’t forget extra batteries.