Best Ghost Hunting Kit – 2017

 Best Ghost Hunting Kit 2017

If you’re looking to get right into this whole ghost hunting business without having to stress over all the different paranormal detection equipment available to you, a ghost hunting kit could be a valuable purchase. Depending on the set, you can do some one-stop-shopping with these kits, and get out into the field. That said, there are a lot of packages out there full of shoddy equipment and useless tools that will do no good toward furthering your goal of detecting the paranormal. After vetting many of the kits out on the market, Paranormal Pro can assure you that if it’s a kit you’re looking for, the following kit is the only one you’re going to want.


The Original Ghost Hunting Starter Kit – 



Included in the Original Ghost Hunting Kit is a GaussMaster EMF Meter, a Motion Sensor, an EVP Recorder, a GeoPhone vibration detector, an infrared thermometer, and a helpful carrying case to keep your haul safe in the event of fleeing from a spectral apparition.


This is an especially recommended kit for ghost hunting amateurs, as it will get you started on your research without the need of buying all sorts of equipment. Having all the basics together here is exactly what you (and your wallet) want.


That said, because it is a kit, some of the equipment is a little less powerful than others on the market. If you’re a little more serious about ghost hunting, you can build your own ghost hunting kit buy getting a camcorder, an EVP, an EMF and a thermometer. If you go with the kit, we still recommend getting another type of EMF Meter as the one included here is rather cheaply produced (see our EMF recommendations here). You are also going to want to get some headphones for the EVP Recorder, as the headphones included are not up to snuff. Finally, you are going to still want to have a ghost hunting camcorder as part of your standard ghost hunting kit for field use, so check out our recommendations for those here.