Best Motion Pods – 2017

Best MOTION PODS 2017 –


Motion pods are fairly new innovations in the field of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, yet are settling in to become a standard in many ghost hunter’s arsenal. We find the best motion pods in 2017.




Designed by and for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, the REM Pod is a device perfect for the field. By creating its own electromagnetic field using a specially constructed antenna, the REM Pod is built to detect fluctuations in that field from electrical (ie. spectral) disturbances. It displays these disturbances utilizing the colored light cylinders that emerge from the top of the device. When you see these lights activated in the field, they can clue you in on the exact proximity of any entities in your area, and point out exactly where you should be testing for EMF and EVP measurements or readings.


The REM Pod, in our opinion, is simply the king of the motion pods on the market. Alongside its EM field generator, with a click of a switch, the REM Pod’s Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) activates, which can be run alongside the normal field generation or on its own. Also utilizing the colored LED cylinders, the ATDD detects temperature flux (with red light being warmer, and blue light being cooler). In addition, ATDD comes equipped with a tonal system, with a low hum emitting for changes toward cold temperature, and a higher pitched sound for warming temperatures. All in all, the REM Pod is one hell of a ghost hunting tool, and can be set up to run all night, with its helpful visual and audio cues allowing you to trust in its capabilities.


360 Motion POD


While not as sophisticated as the REM Pod, we have had a lot of success testing with the 360 Degree Motion Pod, as well. Without the EM field generation, results can be spotty, but this Motion Pod offers 360° coverage of a room, up to 40 ft. around. It also comes equipped with a sound alarm and LED light system to clarify the direction from which spectral movement has been detected. It runs efficiently off a 9V battery, and like the REM Pod, is a great unit to have by your side all night while you run other EMF and EVP tests. If you need to have a Motion Pod, but have to watch your spending, this Pod will do the trick, as long as you don’t need to put it through anything too intensive. That said, if you really want to experiment with this exciting new type of ghost hunting equipment, the REM Pod is worth the extra dollar value.