Best Spirit Box – 2016

Best Spirit Box Reviews 2016

Otherwise known as “Frank’s Box”, after creator Frank Sumption (who claimed he received word on how to design his spirit box from otherworldly entities), a Spirit Box/Ghost Box is a device that can allow communication with the spirit realm. They are modified radio receivers that scan radio frequencies and are able to pick up on voices from the other side.

Spirit Box SB11


As seen on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, the SB11 is peak Ghost Box technology for the modern age. With the ability sweep and scan AM and FM frequencies faster than any SB on the market, as well as controls to Forward and Reverse Sweep your environment, SB11 will cover every nook and cranny of your environment looking for ghosts or spirit entities. There are two radios inside, meaning two channels for you to independently use simultaneously. A white noise generator inserts fuzz between channel switches, a necessary step needed to provide the airspace for EVP to occur. The SB11 handles this very well. If used responsibly, the SB11 is the absolute best Spirit Box on the market, and would fit in perfectly with any ghost hunting kit or paranormal investigator’s toolbox. If you’re going to pick up a ghost box, pick this one up.


Equipped with a temperature meter so you can cross check for changes in the atmosphere whenever you pick up a voice or supernatural sound. This Ghost Box also comes equipped with a red LED flashlight, though the two cannot be activated at the same time. With something like a temperature meter, it is probably best to come prepared with a separate unit, as they are generally more reliable and not switching between temperature and flashlight on this unit will preserve battery life, much needed when you’re in the field.


P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device  – 



While the SB11 is the top of the line in modern Spirit Box technology, its predecessor, the P-SB7, is not unworthy in its own right. An attractive and easy-to-read digital display is a perfect introduction to this Spirit Box, and just what you want to be looking out – clear and simple – when you’re on the hunt. While the sweep speed is not as impressive as the SB11, there’s nothing shabby about the access to the multitude of AM and FM frequencies you’ll be receiving with the P-SB7 Spirit Box. While it doesn’t come with the temperature meter or flashlight the higher end Spirit Box has, it might be better that way, as battery life is really great on this device, and chances are, if you’re serious, you’ll be putting together a kit with temperature meters and lights on your own.


A great deal you can receive on this device is in a combination pack (hyperlink) with the K2/KII EMF Meter, which we have reviewed individually on our EMF Meter page. Together, these devices pack a one-two punch for any paranormal investigator or ghost hunter looking to unearth the unknown and unseen. Check it out here.

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With all Spirit Boxes, we here at Paranormal Pro Ghost Hunters believe you should use in conjunction with a video or voice recording device so you can always have evidence of what you’ve heard when utilizing the Spirit Box. Also somewhat necessary in conjunction with a Spirit Box is an external speaker set-up, as the on-board speakers are not always top notch (can find examples of what you might be looking for here ).