Best Thermometers for Ghost Hunting – 2015

Best Thermometers for Ghost Hunting 

Basic devices designed to measure the temperature in a room or environment. You will want the widest spectrum covered possible.


Ambient Temperature Meter – 


Running off of one 9V battery, this ambient temperature meter designed specifically for paranormal detection is the meter we recommend highly here at Paranormal Pro. A basic Fahrenheit or Celsius switch, and a backlit digital display in easy-to-read LCD. The most accurate temperature meter we’ve ever tested in a ghost hunting environment, and a great value.


Black – 


While not built for ghost hunting, the TLD100 has been proven to adapt quite well to paranormal circumstances. With an infrared, directional laser detection system, its perfectly designed for use in the field, and its point-and-read functionality is very efficient. The red-lit LCD screen displays readings easy to see in low light, and the laser light changes from red to blue when temperature drops – great visualization to have on a ghost hunt. That feature may be enough to put this ahead of the above Ambient Temperature Meter, even if the usage of the TLD100 was never designed for ghost hunting.


Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-Contact IR Temperature Gun


Cheaper than the TLD100, the Lasergrip 774 performs many of the same functions, and works in a very similar way. Some of our testers believe the precision aiming system on the 774 to be a preferred choice. It lacks the color-change monitor of the TLD100, but perhaps the laser light put out by that temperature gun is not what you want for your particular paranormal investigation. The Lasergrip provides a more subtle experience, and still has a very readable, backlit LCD screen on which to take down your measurements.