5 Most Haunted Sites in New York

5 Most Haunted sites in New York to find ghosts

Looking to get started in a thrilling new hobby that allows you to explore interesting, spooky places in New York? Ghost hunting is a great way to get together with friends, learn about science and spirituality and perhaps encounter something that may challenge your conceptions about reality itself.  Here we list some tips to get you started

  • Identify an area with a lot of history and orient yourself with it during the day, and please do not trespass. We list the most promising sites below
  • Bring your ID, plenty of water and the right equipment (and plenty of Batteries)
  • Go with an open mind, you may not experience an encounter on your first trip, but you can maximize your odds by properly using the equipment and staying alert
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What To bring: 

Check out our reviews for ghost hunting equipment that fits the hobbyist’s budget. They are all available on Amazon and will be at your doorstep in no time.

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But onto the main event! We recommend the following 5 sites for first time ghost hunters.

  1. Washington Square Park –   It was a public burial ground in the 1800s for 20,000 slaves. Clearly, this is exactly the kind of place that has a high chance for being haunted. And there have been numerous sighting here for decades. Look out for  the old execution spot aka tree, “Hangman’s Elm”.
  2. Green-wood Cemetery
  3. The Dakota – John Lennon apparently saw The Crying Lady, a ghostly figure that haunts this building. And if he does not seem like the most reliable eyewitness (and no one would blame you), realize that he himself was shot right outside. Spooky. Yoko-Ono herself claims to have seen John hanging out posthumously. Perhaps he’s looking to get the band back together. Make sure you bring your  EVP.
  4. St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery – New Amsterdam governor Peter Stuyvesant was buried at this church and is supposed to haunt the church till this day. Great spot to brush up on NYC’s rich history.
  5.  Kreischer Mansion – This mansion has a bloody history and was supposed to be haunted even before a mob hit went awry and a mobster was unsuccessfully drowned in an outdoor pool, stabbed in the basement, then chopped up and burned in a downstairs fireplace.

So get your ghost hunting camcorder out, round up your friends and head out into the big apple for an adventure you will never forget.